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(First published April 2012)


Some accuse me of being agin guns. So, before the National Rifle Association takes offence and starts gunning for me, I’ll explain.

This misunderstanding seems to have been caused by my comments regarding firearms in previous leaks to contra-diction. However, I can assure gun enthusiasts that I do like shooters.

London’s Design Museum recently added the AK-47 rifle to its collection of design classics. The museum cited the weapon’s “iconic” status and its wide dissemination. And there’s no denying it, the AK has been hugely successful since its introduction in 1947. This is my kind of design. It offers low production costs, durability and ease of use. As against, say, a Nespresso machine, which may be easy to use but won’t be around 60 years from now.

No, I’ve got no problem with guns. It’s bullets that bother me.