Christopher Leary: stories, photographs and some very biased history

The Kingdom of the Paper Sun is in a faraway world where it is the South that colonizes the North.

Audi dan Zaki is a young colonial official from the Kworra Republic posted to a settlement on the Cold Coast. The Kworra Republic is no secretive Wakanda – far from shying away from the world, Kworra is the proud owner of a vast global empire upon which the sun never sets.

Our hapless hero expects to have a jolly time bringing civilisation to the white people but instead finds himself confronted with the grimmer realities of colonial life: ennui, disease, climate, wild animals, rampaging natives, gun-slinging settlers, mutinous soldiers and pining for the woman of his dreams. It’s not easy being a colonizer.

Kingdom draws its inspiration from the back catalogues of colonial literature and film. From Biggles to Heart of Darkness, from African Queen to Zulu, Kingdom checks the classic colonial themes, repurposing them as adventure stories for an African hero.

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STORIES: Politics, history, colonialism, travel, whatever



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