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All totally worth it: Big lion with a neat haircut, crown, monarch with a manly beard, quaint currency, sunlit uplands and, just out of frame, John Bull selling apples in Imperial units.

[2019]   Brexit Surprised Us

April is the cruellest month, breaking
Lifelines wholly out of hand, mixing
Misery and desire, stirring
Dull hopes of new reigns.
Wankers kept us fooled, departing
Europe’s such a doddle, making
Trade treaties is easy peasy.
Brexit surprised us, coming out of the wide Euro blue
With a shower of pain; we stockpiled our insulin,
And went on in debate, until the cows came home,
And drank cold tea, and talked a lot more.
Bin gar keine Deutsche, stamm’ aus Luton, echt Brit.
And now we’re a lone wolf, staying true to empire,
Her Maj’s, the world’s our oyster to shuck,
And we are famished. She said, people,
People, hold on tight. And oh what fun.
In the dole queue, there you feel free.
I know, most of the time, it’s all totally worth it.


(After T. S. Eliot sort of)